10pt. Tuner Lock 5 Lug 14x1.5mm (20pc)

10pt. Tuner Lock 5 Lug 14x1.5mm (20pc)
10pt. Tuner Lock 5 Lug 14x1.5mm (20pc)
Product Code: 10pt. Tuner Lock 5 Lug 14x1.5mm (20pc)
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These 10pt. tuner locks are to be used with stud conversions. This is for a 5 lug car and includes (20pc).

Thread Pitch (car): 14x1.5mm

Cone Seat

To add the lock key please see below...

So why use wheel studs instead of wheel bolts?

- Wheel studs are required by many racing bodies - because they are a better, safer way to ensure proper wheel engagement.
- Wheel studs are safer than wheel bolts because you can SEE when the stud is engaging the lug nut completely - a longer wheel stud sticks through the lug nut. A wheel bolt? Its a mystery... only way to know if is engaging the wheel hub completely is to remove it and count the threads when installing.
- Wheel studs allow the use of a variety of hub-centric wheel spacers, or no spacers at all. Longer wheel bolts have to be tailor made to each wheel spacer width.
- Wheel studs stay engaged into the hub fur their entire life cycle. The repetitive installation and removal of wheel bolts can cause accelerated wear on the threaded holes on the (expensive replace) wheel hubs.
- Installing wheels using wheel studs is considerably easier than when using wheel bolts, as the studs will locate the wheel while the nuts are being fastene

NOTE: For added safety, we recommend adding Locktite to the stud ends when installing into the hub. Locktite can be purchased at your local hardware store.

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